Frequently Asked Questions​



How do I join a conference-call discussion session?

The ticket you download includes the title of the session, the date and time, and the dial-in information (phone number and meeting number).


At the time of the session, just dial the phone number provided. At the prompt, key the meeting number followed by ‘#”. When the system prompts you for the attendee number, just press ‘#” again.


Discussion Session:


How do I book a seat?

By clicking on the button to view the calendar of upcoming sessions, you’ll be redirected to the online ticketing system. There you can see the full listing of sessions and buy your tickets.


How frequent are the sessions?

Every week, we offer a curated selection of new topics you can choose from.


Can I join more than one session?

Yes, just book your seat for the sessions that interest you and suit your schedule.


Do I have to be an expert in the discussion topic?

You don’t need to be an expert. Whether you are familiar with the topic and willing to share your opinions, or simply interested in learning more about the topic, you’re good to go.


Will there be a subject-matter expert presenting?

No. The objective is to have active participants instead of a passive audience. With the aid of a moderator, participants have an engaging and meaningful discussion.


How can I suggest new topics or recommendations?

Please send a note to, post a comment on our Facebook page, or call us at 416-840-0543. We look forward to your suggestions.


Can I experience the service before I invite my parent?

Yes, just sign up for the session that suits your schedule.


Can I join a session together with my parent?

Absolutely. This is a great way to introduce your parent to something new.


What are the ground rules to the participants?

At the beginning of the session, the moderator reminds the participants about the ground rules:


• Be on time.

• Join the session from a quiet place.

• Respect the opinions of others.

• Avoid monopolizing the conversation and interrupting others.

• Respect the privacy of the other participants.

• Don’t share private information.

• Proselytizing, arguing, or directing harmful or disrespectful remarks at any participant is forbidden.


Note: We are not a medical service provider. If you have a medical emergency, during the session, call 911.


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