Don’t Retire; Pivot​

There’s a wealth of information already out there that demonstrates why it’s healthier not to retire. But you’ve worked at the same company or in the same field for 30+ years. Unless you absolutely love what you do (and only a very lucky few can honestly say that), then you’re probably bored with it at this point. You’re ready to retire, or at least you think that you are. 


But there are health risks associated with retirement that aren’t typically associated with getting older- you’re less likely to have mental health issues, for example, if you keep working rather than retire. If it were only caused by ageing, then there would be the same issues regardless of employment status. 


There is also evidence that staying in the workforce longer can impact physical health, as well. Studies have shown that those who are retired are more likely to suffer from heart conditions than those of similar age who are still working.

It doesn’t even have to be full-time. In fact, part time is probably a best-of-both-worlds situation, with as little as 10 hours of work a week providing the above mentioned benefits.


It’s not an either/or situation. You don’t have to continue putting in long hours to reap the rewards of working, nor do you have to fully retire to get a break. 

10 hours of work a week can be a considerable source of income if the pivot to semi-retirement is managed properly. Use the relationships you’ve made over your career to work into starting a consulting firm- a small operation, easily managed from home. 

But what about legitimacy? If you’re working from home, people will likely just think you’re retired and not serious about your career pivot; even though you’re not working the same hours you did before, there’s no reason for you to look any less professional.


There’s a perfect solution to this issue. One that lets you pivot into your own business, while avoiding most of the start up costs without any trade-offs of legitimacy or professionalism. It also allows you to enjoy your time that you’ve worked so hard for; a Virtual Office

Take advantage of your time, and use the relationships you’ve built to keep you active and keep your mind sharp. 

Keep yourself healthy, and don’t retire; pivot. 


Guest Post by The Rostie Group  

Photo by Jim Reardan on Unsplash


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