The Challenge of Social Isolation (Part II)​


Social isolation is the lack of meaningful and sustained interaction with other people and it can have a profound impact on seniors, affecting the mental and physical health of the individual and even leading to depression.
This can be the result of a number of feelings: for example, not wanting to be a burden to the family, or loss of independence as we may need help from others for transportation or the activities of daily living. Social isolation results in a vicious circle: it can arise as a consequence of experiencing poor health and then it contributes to a further decline in emotional, mental, and physical health.
Senior citizens with mobility issues may stay socially connected through visits from family and friends or through interaction with caregivers or volunteers visiting seniors. But when interaction in person is not an option, a regular call over the telephone can allow the person to interact with others. In summary, the social network around seniors plays an important role in keeping them healthy and alert as they age.

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